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Residential Property Management Serving Southern Ontario.

We are a full service property management company supporting our clients who own residential single family, duplex, and triplex properties in Toronto, and through out Southern Ontario. We provide short term, long term, and as-needed property management services to help landlords and property owners stay in control of their real estate investments. Our focus is on reducing your expenses, improving cash flow, and eliminating the hassles involved in maintaining a property and serving tenants. Contact us now to book a strategy call to discuss the opportunities for your rental property.


Property Management: What We Do

Meet Oseye Cohen, A.I.M.A

Property Administration Strategist 

I am an Associate Member of the Institute of Municipal Assessors, and Toronto's Expert on Vacant Properties, where I help prevent deterioration, mitigate risk and improve cash flow. Having graduated from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, from the Real Property Administration Program, along with a certificate in Real Property Assessment from the University of British Columbia, I am a Real Property Administrator and Property Manager at 12 Gates Property Services, providing preservation services. I work with independent contractors who are the best at their trade, and together we manage, maintain, and restore properties as they are waiting to be sold or tenanted.

My goal as an entrepreneur is to build positive relationships and partnerships with other like-minded investors and entrepreneurs in the Toronto and Greater Area to encourage abundant growth and prosperity in real estate. Contact me to request a free strategy call to discuss the needs of your investment property.

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The 7 Must Have Skills You Want Your Property Manager to Have:


  • The ability to successfully resolve conflicts between tenants and landlords, or possibly neighbours or service providers.


  • Providing a healthy and safe living space for tenants with property maintenance systems, responding to emergency repair issues, accidents, and damages caused by weather are critically important.


  • The ability to think analytically, keep a cool head, and react quickly to the unexpected are important skills for Property Managers to have.


  • Finance skills in property management are important to monitor cash flow and maintain financial stability of income properties.


  • Every Property Manager must understand the basic freedoms and rights to which every tenant is entitled.


  • Knowing how to show a property in its best state and condition and presenting good curb appeal is how good deals are made.

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What You Need:

Property Management Plans

    We Assist Monthly

    Monthly emails and text notifications to keep you on top of things! We assist you with reminders to help keep you on top of your Property Management Admin Tasks.

  • Monthly reminders, schedules, notifications and information of critical tasks and common issues.

  • Access to maintenance and handyman in your area as needed.

  • Real Estate investment strategies and information.

  • Access or information to resources, tools and apps.

  • Annual Market Rent Analysis Report

  • Seasonal maintenance checklist reminders.

  • Countless number of hours saved on your part!



Select Plan

    Remote Management

    We provide Remote Property Management Services

  • Tenant services: collection of monthly rents, communication, and inquiries. 

  • Disbursements of collected rents to Landlord

  • Annual Market Rent Analysis Reports

  • Annual Maintenance and Repair Budgeting Reports 

  • Administration of lease in accordance to the RTA.

  • Remote monitoring of property, and property administration

  • *Realtor Services to find and screen new tenants.

  • Hiring contractors or trades workers as needed

  • Fee: Only $147/month - *Add $35/unit after 2 tenanted units.

  • Leasing Fee: Equivalent to first month’s rent

  • Other Fees: Emergency Repairs - As per 3rd party quotes

  • *Other Available Services: Project Management. Security camera installation & monitoring support. Drive by inspections. Tenant Background Checks & Credit Reports

  • *Fees not included with service.



Select Plan
  • Full Management

    We Manage - Full Management Property Services

  • Filling vacant properties with new tenants.

  • Showing property and screening of prospective tenants.

  • Administration of lease in accordance to the RTA.

  • Collection of monthly rents and Tenant Services

  • Disbursements of collected rents to Landlord

  • Annual Market Rent Analysis Reports

  • Maintaining Physical Integrity

  • Inspections: Move In/Out Condition Reports

  • Hiring contractors or trades workers as needed

  • Complete the 12G Maintenance Checklist Prior to Tenanting

  • Quarterly drive by site inspections and reporting.

  • Annual 12G condition inspections and reporting.

  • Fee: 9% of monthly rental income.

  • Leasing Fee: Equivalent to first month’s rent

  • Other Fees: Emergency Maintenance & Repairs- As per 3rd party quote

  • Other Fees: $95+ trip charge may apply for properties outside of the GTA.

  • Free: Market Rent Analysis and Quote.

9% of Monthly Rental Income

Select Plan

Other Services Offered:

Short Term, Long Term, and As-Needed Services Available.

Vacant Property Management:

We look at the unique needs of each vacant property and do all that it takes to bring them to a marketable condition.

 Property Administration:

Market analysis, research, and comprehensive report writing

Mortgage Recovery:

Beginning to end processing of site inspections, reporting, maintenance, and management

Project Management:

Onsite supervision of projects and renovations.

Property Maintenance:

Repairs and restoration of the overall integrity of the property. 

Seasonal Maintenance:

Routine landscaping and snow removal services throughout the year.

Here's what my clients say

Virtually all of my clients are very satisfied.

'' We are satisfied with the snow removal services provided by 12 Gates Property Services. Customer Service is prompt and courteous. ''

Mr. W


'' Thank you for an excellent job ''

Mr. Khan


Ready to get started? Let's talk about your property.

Throughout the remote meeting, we'll talk about:

Your property details and requirements

Where it's located, what condition it is in, and whether it is tenanted or not?

What type of Property Management Services do you need?

We will discover if you need short term, long term, or as needed services.

Your overall objective

What are your future goals or objectives with your current investment property(ies), and what type of support will you need in the future.

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